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Excellent transportation respecting generations before and after us!

Van Heugten Transport is an international transportation company that was founded on traditional Dutch principles in Amersfoort by the (you guessed it) van Heugten family in 1950. Operating from a central location in the Netherlands, we provide transportation services in Scherpenzeel to and from: France, England, Germany, Denmark and Austria.

Our people make the difference

At Van Heugten Transport, it is the people who make the difference. Ultimately, they are the face to your customers. Professional service and service with a smile. Reliability and quality come first. Job satisfaction and a sense of humour as a unifying factor. Enjoyable collaboration underpinned by years of expertise.

More than just A - B transportation

Of course, we provide “just” A - B transportation, but our real value lies in the flexible way we think, work and move with you. Working with you, we will look for the most innovative and sustainable solutions, translating them into an efficient and tight schedule.

The agreement is...precisely!

On time. Not too early, not too late, precisely on time. To fulfil this goal, planning and optimal communication are essential. We make no concessions in terms of compliance with the agreements made. Problems caused by language barriers are not desirable. This is why the entire team at Van Heugten Transport is Dutch.

Time for continuity

We are characterised by excellent transportation respecting generations before and after us. Continuity is the key. Continuity of the company, people associated with the company (from employees to long-term partners) and continuity of the planet. People. Resources. Environment.

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Van Heugten Transport, working for you.

  • Extensive fleet and ample storage
  • No intermediate hubs or pallet networks
  • Tight schedules and clear communication
  • Minimum overloads or risk of damage
  • Maximum control and reliability
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Since 1950, Van Heugten Transport has grown into an international logistics service provider with daily transportation throughout much of Western Europe and a warehouse with storage capacity up to 13,000 m². Would you like to make use of our logistics services? Request a non-binding quotation.

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