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Warehouse with inventory management

13.000 m2 of secured storage with an extensive transshipment area

Van Heugten Transport has a warehouse of 13,000 m² in Scherpenzeel. This secure storage and transshipment area can accommodate 15,000 block pallets. The dry goods can be moved around using a small height worker and a heigh-adjustable reach truck.

Inventory management system

Using the inventory management system, which is supported by WMS software, it is possible to outsource your entire inventory management. If required, we can also repackage your goods. Our inventory management system manages such things as location layout of the warehouse racks, order flow in the correct order of planning, and goods flow.

Cross docking

There is 500 m² available for cross docking. Goods will be loaded and put on to road transport vehicles here. Thanks to cross docking, goods do not need to first be placed into storage; they can be transferred directly as outgoing goods. This makes transportation more efficient, which is increasingly important for the transportation of such items as food and medicines.

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Warehousing in het kort

  • 13.000 m2 beveiligde opslag- en overslagruimte
  • plaats voor 15.000 blokpallets
  • warehousing met voorraadbeheersysteem
  • opslag en overslag van droge producten
  • ruimte van 500 m2 voor cross docking

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Since 1950, Van Heugten Transport has grown into an international logistics service provider with daily transportation throughout much of Western Europe and a warehouse with storage capacity up to 13,000 m². Would you like to make use of our logistics services? Request a non-binding quotation.

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